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Barbell Mel Health and Fitness provides a wellness service with a primary focus on health transformations through functional movements, strength conditioning and empowering greatness.

This is supported by a first-hand understanding in the struggles we can face in fitness, in nutrition and in the mindset that underlies them both. (read my story)

Through my knowledge in fitness programming, nutritional support and wellness coaching, I want to help others who have been in similar health situations to me.

I want to work with you to break down any barriers you may have, to see you grow in confidence, to see you empower yourself and to support you in discovering how to live the best version of yourself, in body and in mind.

If you aren’t scared of hard work, sweat and embracing your inner bad ass self to get your results then please contact me to discuss further. If you think I am the right trainer for you, then please share your story with me via the contact page. Limited spots available.

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