Who is Barbell Mel?

Who is Barbell Mel? 2018-05-20T19:20:59+00:00

Jana and I after a Crossfit competition, wearing her custom made, monogrammed clothing. Check it out at www.georgehenryclothing.com 

Barbell Mel came about via a casual conversation with my close friend and fellow strength loving buddy, Jana Tocker.

Jana could see how much I enjoyed the strength elements of exercise, especially anything with barbells, so, she nicknamed me Barbell Mel, and as you can see, it’s stuck!

As much as I love the barbell and all types of strength training, it represents more to me than just an object to throw around at the gym;

  • It symbolises an escapism to connect with my inner bad ass.
  • It builds strength in my body and clarity in my mind.
  • It empowers me and it humbles me.
  • It teaches me about control, balance, power and respect.
  • It has helped me think strong, be strong and live strong.

It is now important for me to encourage others to not be intimidated by strength training, but to see it for the benefits it holds, e.g. It can improve personal health statistics, posture, flexibility, state of mind, strength and muscle tone, bone density, body composition and can decrease the likelihood of injuries.

I am Mel Belford, a very proud wife of Evan and blessed to be a Mum to Briana (12) and Liam (6). I am forever grateful to them and my phenomenal and very special family and friends. You encourage me every day to be strong.

“When I understood how to marry my passion with my purpose, I created a strong vision that I knew that would not only fuel my soul but others too. Through my adversity, through my vulnerability, and through the love I give and receive, I choose to empower myself and others”.